once,…on a sporty afternoon

hi to all the sporty girls and womans in SL. if u like to feel sexy when u go to fitness, than take a look at SLC….really great stuff!

SLC1(Hair: TinyBird / Skin: Fishy Strawberry)


DeeTaleZ #3

and here number 3 – another sexy outfit from DEETALEZ


Shot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr

(hair: ++AY.LinE++/necklace: TS/bracelet: Fishy Strawberry/earrings: TickyTacky/skin: CUPCAKES)

DeeTaleZ #1

hi everybody! today is sunday and its sooo lazy 🙂 sometimes on sundays i like to lay on my bed and read one of my books…but today i will show u some of the coole outfits from DEETALEZ. the owner, steffi villota, was so nice to send me some clothes and i was really happy about it. because i love the designs…the little extras and the textures was made so great…but take a look and let me know how u like it 🙂 ohhh, and btw the beautiful skin is also fromDEETALEZ!


Shot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr

(hair: (OH)/necklace: REBEL-X/bracelet: TickyTacky)

Earth & Sky (#1)

I know, last day i show something from EARTH&SKY, but this little cute outfit i found in the shop on one of my tours, it is toooo sweet. i like the little extras on it. Normally this outfit comes with some nice green shoes, nut i did the combination with some highheels from PIXELFASHION. Hope u like it 🙂

earthskyShot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr

(Skin: Cupcake / Hair: VW)

Zyma´s little fashion journey #19

Hi everybody, im back from my holidays…it was nicer than nice but toooo short. Oh, and i saw my first boar, in the middle of the night, near our house. fantastiiiiiiic 🙂

Well, and here is my first fashiontipp. U can find this stunning outfit at Earth&Sky. Excellent textures – hope u like it! The jewellery is soon available at My Fashion!

(Skin: *League* Kate sun / Hair: *BP* Maki Hair coffee / Boots: *Courtisane* Allumeuse antique)

earthSkyPhoto: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

…never more than 100L

Hi everybody!

Here is a new item under 100L and its also from ALESSANDRA.

This very sexy high quality outfit includes top and pants in ALL 5 colors!!!! for only 29L – its fantastic!!!

U can find this only on XSTREET 🙂


Zyma´s little fashion journey #4

BANDITAS (part 2)

Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Hi there, yesterday i start with 2 cute westernoutfits, which i found at The Mall…and now, take a look what i found in serina´s shop (SLC) 🙂 it is sooo nice, isnt it?! boots, legbottom, belt and hat are include!