Hot & Sexy

Outside it is sooo cold here in RL,…but fortunatly in SL it is never cold 🙂 so come on and enjoy this hot beach- and underwear! u will find this cute bikinis and lots more at SAV…come in and find out 😉


Shot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr

(skin: BELEZZA/hair: ++AY.Line++)


sexy Lingerie

„…there was a story, About a man comin’ in, Findin’ his woman in bed with, Well, listen,…“
ok, i stolen this text from the Isley Brothers 🙂 but, if u like to surprise ur man, Szentasha has the right outfit for!!!  In combination with the BAX Boots u can drive him crazy!!


szentasha Kopie

Shot by Zyma Caffarelli –  Flickr

(Skin: *Staged* Cerra Peacock Skins, FREEBIE / Hair: Magika)

Zyma´s little fashion journey #16

And here it is, the next crazy/sexy outfit made by Szentasha Fashions (SZE) 🙂 take it and have fun!

FF18Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #13

Wow, my fashion tip number 13 🙂 this is my lucky number…and today i present 2 absolutly great lingerie. Made by Angel Dessous. Fantastic quality, perfect textures and so lovely to wear….come on girls, lets make our boys crazy 😉

FF16Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #7 – part two

hello everybody 🙂 im back, here another dream in „white“

Hot lingerie found at Pixelfashion…a good friend of me bought me this nice combination – what a sweet gift!
Thank u  again 🙂 i hope u like the pic i done!
Oh, and if u remember, a few days ago i post the new Releases from BAX…here the white Boots – oh i love them really!!!! 


Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

New Lingerie Serie…by INDI Designs…Live your "Passion"

indi passion red


indi passion silber


indi passion black

 Passion for Design!

Style Card:

  • Lingerie/Dessous: INDI Designs Dessous Series „Passion“ erhältlich in 5 Farben
  • Schuhe/Shoes: INDI Designs – Belluci silver and red

…more Infos hier: niciLINE SL Fashion Selection