One night in SL…

Everybody knows, that Bliss Couture is one of the first adress in SL when u was looking for a fantastic gown…the high quality textures and the great designs of this amazing outfits makes u feel like a little princess. here another tip from BLISS COUTURE

blissC(Skin: Belezza / Hair: W&Y)


Magic Moments

it ´s time for a little bit of glamour!

this beautiful gown u find at Bliss Couture…it´s magic 🙂


Shot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr

(Skin: Belezza / Hair: W&Y)

Zyma´s little fashion journey #17

When i post this pic on my flickrstream i get a lot of compliments…well, not about my work, about the nice gown 😉 and here the name of the shop: BLISS COUTURE!

The jewelry-set u find at Alyssa Bijoux, its a stunning combination!

ballroom1Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #14

And here another high quality dress for the romantic moments in SL 🙂 found at Jaqueline Fashion.

FF15Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #12

Romantic moments….this lovely dress is made with fine textures and u have 2 kind of shirts inside…u can find it at My Precious (Agnes Finney Fashion House)!

FF12Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #18

I dont know, how u like it – but i love it!!! Gowns from V-Fashion have this high quality textures and the lovely colors, and when i tryed the NEW Dahlia Gown the first time i felt in love 🙂

VVictoriaPhoto: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL – Flickr

Neue Kollektion 2009! Michele designed by Abia Capalini…






Attention!! … sexy at the back!

„Michele“ ist das neueste Designerstück von Abia Capalini. Das raffiniert geschnittene Abendkleid könnt Ihr in zwei Variationen tragen, es befinden sich zwei verschiedene Flexiröcke und ein transparenter Oberrock im Paket. Desweiteren sind noch zwei Handschuhe in transparent und schwarz dabei. Das Kleid bekommt Ihr ausserdem noch in fünf weiteren wunderschönen Frühlingsfarben.

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