Ibizarre and Mannon Design

Today i present some of the nice hairstyles from Mannon Design. The wild black hairs are perfect for all the sexy Ladies in SL. In combination with this sweet little outfit from Ibizarre and the BAX boots it is toooo hot 🙂

ibizzareShot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr

(Skin: Glance)


Inimitably Design

…there´s a moment in every womans live, where she like to feel free…in this sexy hot outfit from Inimitably Design you will attracting attention. EVERYWHERE!

,Shot by Zyma Caffarelli  –  Flickr


Zyma´s little fashion journey #16

And here it is, the next crazy/sexy outfit made by Szentasha Fashions (SZE) 🙂 take it and have fun!

FF18Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #15

And here a special post….crazy clothes for the funny events in SL 🙂 u find the French Maid dress at  Szentasha Fashions (SZE)…and listen tomorrow i will blog the next sexy outfit from Szentasha Fashions…so do not miss my next posting 🙂

FF17Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #13

Wow, my fashion tip number 13 🙂 this is my lucky number…and today i present 2 absolutly great lingerie. Made by Angel Dessous. Fantastic quality, perfect textures and so lovely to wear….come on girls, lets make our boys crazy 😉

FF16Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #9


I can only say: WOW, what a really nice outfit with absolut high quality textures (include boots) – found at SINTIMACY – what else 😉

FF_5Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

New Lingerie Serie…by INDI Designs…Live your "Passion"

indi passion red


indi passion silber


indi passion black

 Passion for Design!

Style Card:

  • Lingerie/Dessous: INDI Designs Dessous Series „Passion“ erhältlich in 5 Farben
  • Schuhe/Shoes: INDI Designs – Belluci silver and red

…more Infos hier: niciLINE SL Fashion Selection