Save Money!

discountGreat news for all shopaholics … with the FUN & FASHION group you can save up to 75%! Just join the group, wear the group-tag and pay the items. After payment you will get a refund of at least 25%. 🙂

All designers will change their items regularly and give a discount of at least 25% to FUN & FASHION group members. How to join? Use SEARCH ingame, search for the group „Fun & Fashion“, thenclick „View Full Profile“ and then the „Join (L$0)“-Button – also you can click the group-join sign at the landing point in the mall.

Click HERE to TP to the FUN & FASHION Discount Shopping Mall – and dont forget to wear your group tag before paying…

Enjoy shopping and save money!


Zyma´s little fashion journey #15

And here a special post….crazy clothes for the funny events in SL 🙂 u find the French Maid dress at  Szentasha Fashions (SZE)…and listen tomorrow i will blog the next sexy outfit from Szentasha Fashions…so do not miss my next posting 🙂

FF17Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #14

And here another high quality dress for the romantic moments in SL 🙂 found at Jaqueline Fashion.

FF15Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

zyma goes to south italy!

Hi everybody, i start tonight in my holidays. I wish all ppl a very nice time, great moments and lots of cute shoppingtipps…some blogposts i finish today and Tom Cosmos will public them every second day…hope u like it. We will see us in 2 weeks 🙂 a lot of greetings, zyma

Zyma´s little fashion journey #13

Wow, my fashion tip number 13 🙂 this is my lucky number…and today i present 2 absolutly great lingerie. Made by Angel Dessous. Fantastic quality, perfect textures and so lovely to wear….come on girls, lets make our boys crazy 😉

FF16Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #12

Romantic moments….this lovely dress is made with fine textures and u have 2 kind of shirts inside…u can find it at My Precious (Agnes Finney Fashion House)!

FF12Photo: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL –  Flickr

Zyma´s little fashion journey #18

I dont know, how u like it – but i love it!!! Gowns from V-Fashion have this high quality textures and the lovely colors, and when i tryed the NEW Dahlia Gown the first time i felt in love 🙂

VVictoriaPhoto: by Zyma Caffarelli – Photographer in SL – Flickr