New Release at Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry

Diamond Romance Set



NEW!!!  Diamond Romance Necklace, Earring & Bracelet Set!
This set is modifiable and transferable!  Makes a wonderful gift!

Contact Alyssa Bijoux to place a custom jewelry order!  IM Alyssa and request a custom catalog – just wear it and click the pictures!!!   Over 50 custom items available including Dogtags, Rings, Bracelets, Belly Rings, Belly Chains, Earrings, Necklaces.

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Read more about Alyssa in her blog   Alyssa Bijoux Blog 


FUN & FASHION Weekly Raffle

win L$1000 each week

win L$1000 each week

Win L$1000 each week with the new FUN & FAHION Weekly Raffle – just TP to HERE and click the sign to enter the raffle – each week again, but only for FUN & FASHION group members! You are not a member? No problem, its just a CLICK away…  GOOD LUCK, maybe you are the one of the weekly winners!

Sales offer at Fire Roses !!!

Fire Roses Black
Fire Roses Gloria
The clothing line is party dresses, elegant and a current line limited addition release.  Only a select few will be sold.  The textures are silk, satin and brocade done with percision and care to bring out their natural coloring, shading and textures.  Buy them for yourself or as a gift while boxed.  And this weekend they will be on sale for $150L.  Visit The location at the Beach at Fire Roses on the dates of 28th and 29th of March and you will save as much as $650L from the list price.

Greetings Airoso Parfort

New Release at Soraya Shan Collection

Glamour gown „Attraction“


Another high detailed glamour gown is out now.
„Attraction“ includes 2 different shirt styles
and 3 different flexi skirt styles: party gown style,
Cinderella style and ballroom dress style.

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Beautiful gown from JayGee

White Opal Pearl — a beautiful, changeable outfit


The  designs of JayGee are all excellent about quality and style.
This gown is really 2 full outfits in one, with a mini prim skirt, long prim skirt, 2 tops (one a very cheeky low cut bodice, which can be worn with or without matching bra) & also matching underwear.
The texture is an exclusive JayGee texture.. made with individual opal pearls.
I hope you will love this design.
You will find also many other original designs in the  store, from casual to formal, so something for every taste and price range.

So, come in and take a look to :JayGee.

New releases at Earth & Sky Design

„Cinderella“ – Evening Gown, Brides Maid or Wedding Dress

Look like a prinzess in a fairy tale.
You have to see that dress moving, it looks like you have catched all the stars of the sky.
The dress comes in 10 different colours.


Are you  a surviver?

Here comes your outfit – „Survival Girl“
Because the world can be a tough place 🙂


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Neue Kollektion 2009! Michele designed by Abia Capalini…






Attention!! … sexy at the back!

„Michele“ ist das neueste Designerstück von Abia Capalini. Das raffiniert geschnittene Abendkleid könnt Ihr in zwei Variationen tragen, es befinden sich zwei verschiedene Flexiröcke und ein transparenter Oberrock im Paket. Desweiteren sind noch zwei Handschuhe in transparent und schwarz dabei. Das Kleid bekommt Ihr ausserdem noch in fünf weiteren wunderschönen Frühlingsfarben.

Style Card: